Release Log

19 Mar 2024: Cablerator 1.4.8

  • Blender 4.1 fixes;

14 Nov 2023: Cablerator 1.4.7

  • Code updated to work with the new Blender 4.0 API changes;

  • Add or Edit Segments uses Constant offset instead of Relative;

  • Geo Node helper functions are in their separate menu now;

  • New Convert To Geo Nodes Multicable GN function;

  • Cut Cable supports cutting poly curves;

13 Aug 2023: Cablerator 1.4.6

  • All modals will warp mouse cursor to the other side of the viewport, no need to stop the modal to scroll to larger values (mouse only);

  • Mouse buttons 4 and 5, Trackpad will work for navigation;

  • fixed: Mouse wheel not working in Create Mass;

  • fixed: Create Connectors not creating hooks for several splines in an object;

  • fixed: Asset Browser commands not working when the library is set to All;

  • fixed: Geometry Nodes commands failing in 3.6;

  • fixed: code updated to work with Blender 4.0 API changes;

  • fixed: code updated to work with Mac Metal renderer;

  • updated manual;

2 Aug 2022: Cablerator 1.4.5

  • All modal operators support typing numbers and simple math operations (+,*,-,/);

  • All modal better react to small and big numbers changes with the mouse;

  • Draw Cable: a new option to use Pen Tool for drawing (Blender 3.2 and newer);

  • Rope: a new option to quickly “bake” added ropes and use them as colliders for new ones;

  • Simulate Cable: new Fit to Geometry Below option that sometimes gives better results when a cable collides with geometry;

  • groundwork for the Geometry Nodes functions. new Helper function: convert a curve to a Geometry Nodes curve object for working with GNs;

  • groundwork for the Asset Browser integration. Right-Click on an Asset and add it to a curve as a Connector / Segment or use as a Mesh Cable directly from the Asset Browser;

  • fixed: Add/Remove Bezier Points function breaking in Blender 3.2;

  • fixed: Sometimes wrong tilt of Mesh Cables and Segments;

  • fixed: Modal UI appearing on all 3d Viewports;

25 Nov 2021: Cablerator 1.4.0

  • Rope: create simple rope-like structures between selected cables or objects;

  • Drop the Cable: removed Ctrl-Click mode for dropping to 3d Cursor Level, the function will drop points to the closest surfaces beneath;

  • The addon will show a message if an update is available;

  • fixed: Draw Cable sometimes misses the 3d cursor plane when Cursor mode for depth is used;

  • fixed: Mass cables converting too many cables the universe to handle;

  • other small fixes;

20 Aug 2021: Cablerator 1.3.0

  • Simulate Cable: use Blender physics for cables simulations (with collisions);

  • Insulate Cable: adding an insulation layer on top of the selected cables or meshes;

  • Mass cables: create a cable mass from selected faces;

  • Grab Profile: grab cable profiles from the active scene or an external blend-file;

  • Edit Cable: smart tilt — make/remake rope-like twisted cables;

  • new Hook function: add one hook for selected points;

  • new Helper function: drop cable to the ground;

  • new Helper function: create multiprofile from selected profile;

  • new Helper function: separate cable by splines or using a selected point;

  • new Helper function: apply curves symmetry;

  • Edit Cable: D to move a point uses any end point closest to the mouse cursor instead of selected and works on several selected objects;

  • Mouse wheel support for changing modal values;

  • Create from Edges: option to offset cable from the surface;

  • Create Cable will ignore wired objects and hidden objects in isolated mode;

  • new Create cable keys: offset points after creation;

  • Reset handles orientation will snap to 45˚ angles (instead of 90˚);

  • Mesh cable: can use existing array of the object;

  • Mesh cable: possible to use curve as the base for the mesh cable;

  • Find Profile: if nothing is selected will find the curves that are unused as profiles

  • Draw Cable has a more precise mode;

  • Add/Remove a Bezier point: shows point location, possible to dissolve points from the modal;

  • Merge points: automatically merges points in the same coordinates, works with multiple selected pairs of points;

  • bug fixes: yes;

27 Nov 2020: Cablerator 1.2.2

  • Added new Points at (P) option for Create from Edges: to generate cable points at edges centers;

  • Fixed: Fill Caps preference not being respected by some Create functions

26 Nov 2020: Cablerator 1.2.1

  • Added Fill Caps in Create and Edit functions (Blender 2.91);

  • Running Find Selected Curves Profiles with no objects selected will select curves without width that aren’t used as profiles;

  • Draw Cable: new Curvature (U) setting that switches between Curvy and Straight lines;

  • Draw Cable: Move 3D Cursor to Mouse function Changed from C to 3 key; also Move 3D Cursor to Mouse now supports clicking in empty grid to set 3D cursor in XY-grid;

  • Convert to Mesh Cable supports Decap meshes from Hard Ops for quick mesh assigning;

  • Fixed: assigning cables profiles in 2.91;

  • Fixed: slow Create Cable in large scenes;

  • Fixed: wrong Twist Method in Edit Cable

10 Sep 2020: Cablerator 1.2.0

  • Added Select With Mouse Button option in preferences for selecting objects from modals with Right Mouse Button;

  • All four create functions have a consistent way of setting a profile: directly from the modal with A key;

  • Edit Cable: Swapped A and D keys to be consistent with A for setting a profile between all the functions;

  • T key for Edit Cable and all Create functions: to scale a curve profile directly from the modal;

  • Add Connectors: T key will scale connectors directly from the modal;

  • Add Connectors: H key will add hooks for connectors (on by default);

  • Create from Selected Objects: new N key to randomize tension between created cables;

  • Hotkeys for all the functions can be set from the addon Preferences;

  • New Hooks Functions sumbenu with 3 items: Add Aligned Hooks, Apply Hooks to Selected, Remove Hooks from Selected;

  • New Helper Functions sumbenu with 6 items: Add Bezier Point at Mouse Cursor, Reset Points Rotation, Switch Points Handles Auto <> Aligned, Find Selected Curves Profiles, Add Single Vert Object at 3D Cursor, Add Polycurve Circle at 3D Cursor

30 Jul 2020: Cablerator 1.1.1

  • Add Connectors: it’s possible to add a connector object to points of several selected curves (before — only one curve);

29 Jul 2020: Cablerator 1.1.0

  • Added Bevel Resolution in all Create-functions;

  • Added Wire (X) option in Edit Cable modal;

  • Convert to Mesh Cable: selecting an existing mesh cable and a new curve will result in a duplicate mesh cable with that new curve;

  • Convert to Mesh Cable: new Cable Offset control in modal: offset the whole cable with W;

  • Add or Edit Segments: selecting an existing segment and a new curve will result in a duplicate segment on that new curve;

  • Add Connectors: adding new connectors won’t remove the original mesh. Option to remove the original mesh in the modal with R;

  • Fixed: reassigning a shortcut from addon preferences wasn’t working sometimes;

24 Jul 2020: Cablerator 1.0.0

  • Initial release