Helper functions

Various functions that help with cabling. Some of them work best when assigned to keyborad shortcuts which could be done in Preferences.

Add Bezier Point at Mouse Cursor

Select a bezier curve in Edit Mode and run the function. While the modal is active, click onn the curve to add more points under the mouse cursor. Press X to dissolve a point under the mouse cursor.

Cut Bezier Curve

  • If in Object Mode: the function will separate all the splines of selected curves to individual curves;

  • If in Edit Mode: the function will separate the selected curves using the selected points;

Reset Points Rotation

This function will snap the local orientation of handles of the selected points to 45˚.

Switch Points Handles Auto <> Aligned

This function will switch the type of the handles of the selected points between Auto and Aligned. I use this when handles are rotated in a weird way and I want to normalize them or when I move a point quite far away.

Add Polycurve Circle at 3D Cursor

This modal will add an adjustable poly curve circle at 3D Cursor location: it’s a fast way of creating a base for curve profiles. Use S and D keys while in the modal to change the profile points number and radius.

Create a Multi-Profile

Convert a 1-spline profile curve to a multi-spline profile curve. Use on existing multi-spline curve to adjust the offset and the number of splines.

Find Selected Curves Profiles

This function select profile objects for all selected curves and/or curves for all selected profile objects. Hold Shift key to keep the original selection active. If no objects are selected, the function will select profile curves that aren’t used by any curves (so they could be deleted).

Add Single Vert at 3D Cursor

This function will add a mesh object with a single vertex at the location of the 3D Cursor. This is useful as a base for Cable From Edges function.

Drop the Cable

This funciton will drop all the unselected cable points to surfaces beneath them.

Apply symmetry

Apply curves Symmetry modifier. Note that in some complex scenarios (multiple mirrors that use different objects as a base) it may give weird results: try to simplyfy the mirror in this case.

Convert Between a Mesh and a Curve

This function will convert the selected object type between a mesh and a curve. It’s useful to generate mesh objects from curve profiles and back.

Convert a Curve to a Geometry Nodes Object

This function will convert the selected curve objects to Geometry Nodes curve objects. This is useful for curves with bevel width or bevel profile because adding a Geometry Nodes modifier to a curve with these settings enabled converts the curve to a mesh which is not always a desired outcome. So this helper will remove the bevel width or bevel profile and recreare them as geometry nodes

Convert To Geo Nodes Multicable

This function will convert the selected curve to Geometry Nodes curve objects, additionally adding several duplicates of the curve with an offset.