Cablerator manual

Cablerator is a Blender addon (2.8+) for creating and editing hanging cables:

  • create cables by clicking on geometry

  • create cables between points of curves

  • draw cables on geometry or planes

  • create cables from edges

  • create hanging cables from objects

  • create massive numbers of cables between selected faces

  • use Blender physics to simulate cables

  • create insulation between selected cables or objects

  • create simple rope-like structures between selected cables or objects

  • edit multiple cables width, assign profile quickly

  • add geometry as segments and end points for cables

  • create cables based on meshes

  • split cables with multi-curve profiles to separate cables

  • add and remove hooks to cable points

Quick Start

  1. Install the addon;

  2. Have some geometry in your scene: say the default cube;

  3. Open the addon submenu by using the default Shift+Alt+C shortcut (can be set in addon preferences);

  4. Select Create Cable;

  5. Click on faces of an object to define start and end points of the cable. Hold Ctrl/Cmd to snap to faces center;

  6. While in Create modal, press S and move your mouse to change the cable width: Left-Click to confirm. Press D to change cable tension;

  7. Left-Click to confirm the cable;

  8. Enter the curve Edit mode, select the point in the middle and move it to reshape the cable the way you want.

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